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Are you looking to upgrade your current air conditioning system? Well, look no further.

Climaterite provides quality air conditioning installation upgrades for Residential and Commercial applications. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our workmanship.

We source many quality Brands such as, but not limited too:

For assistance with your upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click on the below link to go through Air Conditioning Guide from the Australian Refrigeration Council which will help you in Buying, Installation & Maintenance of your Air conditioning unit.

FAQs – Upgrades and Installation

Do I need expert help in installing split system air conditioner?

The split AC systems should be installed by ARCtick and VBA certified companies. Climaterite has these accreditations and can perform professional installations backed by our workmanship commitment.

Is it possible to have central air conditioning installed in an old historic home without tearing it apart?

Yes. However, each installation is different. An experienced ARCtick and VBA registered installer, such as Climaterite, can discuss the options available to you. We will assess the property, its environment and your needs and requirements.

Is there any negative impact of rain on AC outside unit?

The outdoor units are designed to withstand rain and other external environmental conditions. The installer will advise on the best location for the outdoor unit.

Is installing a thermostat a good idea with windows and split air conditioners?

Yes. A thermostat helps to control the operating temperature of the system so that internal comfort for occupants is regulated. Otherwise, it may get too hot or too cold which will be unpleasant.

Can I use flexible ducting already installed from my old Ducted Air Conditioners?

We will need to assess the age and condition of the old ductwork. If the ductwork is dirty, in poor condition or has not been maintained, it might be better to use new ductwork. We will make you a recommendation for you to consider.

How do I choose the best place to install a wall mounted Air Conditioner?

It is best to engage a professional to assess your property and the environment. Depending on your personal preferences, you might want to install the unit in the centre of the room. We can help recommend the ideal location based on our experience.

How do I choose best place for a ceiling mounted Air conditioner?

It is best to engage a professional to assess your property and the environment. The unit can be placed anywhere in the room, but certain factors will guide the most ideal location. For example, it is best to place the system away from a window.

Does the outdoor unit need to be installed on a concrete slab or on brackets?

Yes. The outdoor condenser unit needs to be level and fixed on a strong and robust base that can take the weight of the unit. We can install units on slabs or brackets.

What is the difference between installing a wall Mounted or Floor Standing split system?

Split systems are available in wall mounted or floor standing options. A wall mounted system has the internal unit fixed up on the internal wall which is connected to the external condenser unit. A floor standing system sits on the ground inside the property and is connected to the external condenser unit.

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