HVAC Condition Reports


Are you looking to purchase a property, and would like to know the condition of the current air conditioning systems on site?

Have you resided in a property for some time, and thought it high time you were across exactly what air conditioning equipment is onsite along with the current condition of this equipment?

We would be only too happy to assist, by attending site to assess and report on the condition of your current air conditioning equipment via a Climaterite Condition Report (CR).

Property Managers no longer need to break a sweat trying to figure out if their building’s air conditioning system is up to par. The CR can provide an inventory on the HVAC equipment and operating status, empowering tenants and property managers to make educated decisions regarding budgeting for their future air conditioning needs.

This report is a proactive way to uncover potential issues with the air conditioning system before it needs repair or replacement and suggest improvements that can reduce energy bills.

Climaterite’s HVAC technicians will conduct a detailed survey on the air conditioning units that includes photo documentation, age, size, and diagnostics including pressure and amperage.

Upon completion of the CR, Climaterite will provide an automated version of the report to the owner and property manager or as otherwise required. We can then prepare a list of immediate repairs and upgrades for the system, if needed.


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