Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Climaterite has over 35 years of experience attending to the air conditioning needs of a varied Commercial and Industrial customer base including but not limited too:

  • Commercial and Industrial Properties;
  • Office Buildings;
  • Retail Businesses;
  • Schools;
  • The Hospitality Industry (e.g. Pubs, Restaurants, Cafés);
  • The Health sector (e.g. Gym’s, Various Professional Offices)
  • Government sites;

Our knowledge and skill base spans across a wide variety of brands, models and age of air conditioning systems. No matter the extent of your air conditioning equipment, we can assist you.

We have many strong long-term relationships with Commercial and Industrial Customers having attended to the provision of HVAC Condition reports, service, repair, installation and control works for them over the years.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements have been implemented for the vast majority of our Commercial and Industrial Customers, enabling us to provide a consistent and holistic approach to their air conditioning needs with continuity.

Whether you are about to move into a property, have just moved in or have resided there for sometime, we would be only to happy to arrange a visit to assess the air conditioning on hand and your needs moving forward.

Climaterite assures you of our best attention at all times.

FAQs- Commercial Air Conditioning

What type of maintenance does a commercial air conditioning system need?

Maintaining your commercial air conditioning system on a regular basis helps to avoid the development of expensive problems. Based on your AC equipment (including its age, environment, use, service history, etc.) Climaterite can prepare a suitable scheduled maintenance agreement to suit your needs and budget.

What is included in a Commercial Air conditioning Service?

A routine commercial air conditioning service will include the following tasks. Following the service, we will prepare a quote if any further works are required.

  • Clean/inspect return air filters
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check operating pressures
  • Check and tighten refrigerant piping connections
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Check airflows (including associated fans)
  • Check temperatures
  • Ensure that all moving parts associated with your equipment are in working order so that the system performs effectively.
  • Prepare service report.

Which brand of air conditioning is more effective for a commercial place?

All major brands of air conditioning systems are effective for commercial properties. We can assess your commercial facility and make recommendations on the types of AC systems that will work effectively to suit your needs and requirements.

Are rooftop package unit air conditioning perfect solutions for commercial or large places?

Rooftop package units help to avoid valuable space being consumed by AC equipment and infrastructure. Placing these systems on the roof make them easier to access and service. We can recommend the best types of rooftop package units for you and your team to consider.

How often should commercial air conditioning units be serviced?

Servicing frequency is important to maintain your AC equipment. The frequency will depend on a few things, such as age, location, use, the surrounding environment, service history and more. Climaterite can assess and advise on the ideal service frequency for your system.

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