Tips to Choose Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

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  • 25 - 09 - 2020
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Buying Commercial Air Conditioners

All commercial properties need a functioning, effective and well-maintained air-condition system for the warmer months. Employees and contractors of organisations operating from commercial properties expect their workplace to have a reliable air-conditioning system that delivers continuously throughout the day without any issues. These systems undergo routine maintenance procedures to ensure that all the parts are working effectively, and that the system will not experience any faults or surprise outages. Owners of commercial properties will need to make an informed decision before choosing a commercial air conditioning unit that is suitable for their organisation.


About Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial air conditioning systems are common features in commercial properties. Depending on the size of the commercial property, an appropriate system is required. Commercial air conditioners are available to suit high rise office building, a small corner shop, a suite of office rooms in a building and much more. Most commercial systems are available in modular form so that they can be tailored to the exact needs of the premises and occupants. The type of system will depend on the property, occupants’ preferences, OHS obligations, building code requirements, organisational requirements, budget, energy efficiency of the building, use preferences and many other factors.


Popular Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Unit:-

  • Single split-system air conditioners: these units are ideal for cooling smaller areas or single rooms. The units are available in a range of sizes and capacities depending on output preferences. The system has both an indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Ducted multi split system air conditioners: these systems are suitable for multi-area networks and can accommodate zoning preferences. A central unit is usually located outside the property (preferably on the roof) and a ducted network passes air to various locations throughout the property.
  • Variable refrigerant flow cooling systems: these units allow zones within a property to be set to different temperatures depending on preferences or requirements. These systems can intelligently adjust the temperature in multiple rooms to maintain occupants’ comfort.

Tips to choose Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

To help you make an informed decision before purchasing a commercial air conditioning system, here are 5 tips that you should consider with the Management of your organisation. It is important to also engage an expert or consultant so that they can advise you on any specific installation, running or maintenance requirements.

1.  Unique Cooling Needs

Consider whether your organisation has any unique cooling needs. You might operate in an environment that is hot or humid. Or, given the nature of your work, certain rooms might need to be set to a particular temperature given the organisational requirements. Whatever the reason might be, you might need a system that accommodates variable settings for different zones.

2.  Keep Cooling Capacity in Mind

The commercial air conditioner unit must be able to effectively support the cooling requirements of the organisation and its occupants. All units are available in different sizes and capacities. It is recommended to choose a higher capacity unit to avoid higher running costs. These units will be more efficient because they do not have to work as hard to cool an area.

3.  Consult an expert

An expert team will help you choose the most appropriate commercial air conditioning for your commercial property. They will consider the layout of the property, user preferences, surrounding environment and other factors to assess the type of system, ducting layout and positioning of vent outlets. Their advice will help to ensure the most efficient system is chosen and most efficient installation is completed.

4.  Check product reviews and compare with other brands

You should do your homework before you buy! Whoever within your organisation is responsible for conducting due diligence on the type of air conditioning system should have considered the organisation’s requirements, made enquiries, reviewed online information and conducted side-by-side comparisons. This will help the organisation make an informed decision given the cost to acquire and install and air-conditioning system is relatively high.

5.  Check terms for Services and Support before buying

Make sure you check the terms of purchase, services and support before you buy the air conditioning system from a retailer. Once the system is installed, it will be used continuously. This means that it will need to be serviced and maintained over time. You want to invest in a reputable brand with a reasonable warranty, access to reliable service staff and confidence that parts will be available for AC repairs.


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