Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners – An Excellent Choice for Commercial Spaces

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  • 17 - 03 - 2023
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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

When searching for a high-quality air conditioner, choosing from well-known brands like Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi, or Daiken can become strenuous. But with the right amount of knowledge, navigating can become easier. Ready to combat the extreme Australian climate, Mitsubishi air conditioners cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and reliable performance make them a perfect choice for commercial spaces.

And you can rest assured knowing that they are backed by a warranty and service. Get the best quality cooling and heating products and experience the peace of mind that comes with them. But that’s not it. Read on to know why Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are an excellent choice for commercial spaces.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners for Commercial Spaces

Innovative technology

Mitsubishi offers the highest quality, quietest, most energy-efficient products to the market utilising the latest innovative technology. The brand offers a wide range of systems from a small split, innovative multi-split, and fully ducted to large-scale commercial air conditioners to suit every business need. With wide and long airflow distribution technology, these ACs possess ‘horizontal vanes’ that ensure comfort levels and maximum airflow to facilitate larger spaces.

Allows control from anywhere

Mitsubishi Electric employs innovative control systems enabling its commercial or residential air conditioners to be controlled remotely through smartphones. The virtual control function can be activated using the Mitsubishi air conditioning and your smartphone, tablet and online account, giving you access to your systems anywhere you have an internet connection.

Plasma Quad Plus Filter System

Mitsubishi air conditioner embodies an advanced air cleaning system that utilises the advanced Plasma Quad Filter. This filter system removes dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air, making it ideal for commercial spaces. It purifies and deodorises the air, leaving only the highest quality, odourless, cool air for the employees to enjoy. While air purifiers alone can work to purify the air, Mitsubishi split system air conditioning units also have this in the units to provide a superior experience for property owners.

Whisper Quiet Technology

Nothing is worse than a noisy air conditioner. But Mitsubishi electric air conditioner is incredibly quiet, making it ideal for your workplace. Their noise levels are as low as 19dBA, even lower than the sound of a whisper. Like a fresh spring breeze, it provides a gentle flow throughout your commercial space.

Energy Efficient

The new M series from Mitsubishi have heat pumps that enable controlled heat in offices and substantial savings on conventional heating systems. The company’s leading ‘Econo-cool’ system increases the unit’s efficiency by 20% by allowing airflow to be directed towards users, allowing set temperatures to be raised by 2 degrees with no loss of comfort.

New M-series Multi-Split System

In the past, the choices were limited to split, multiple-split, and ducted systems. With the introduction of the M-series, it has become a popular option for split system climate control in commercial spaces around Australia. It offers the flexibility of independently controlling rooms, offering far greater economy than a zoned ducted air conditioning solution. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures air conditioners with extended pipe lengths, making them highly versatile for various applications. The company also offers various models with high static pressure differences and can handle extreme temperature conditions.

Customised air conditioning solutions

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners offer a high degree of customisation, allowing you to choose the suitable air conditioning unit for your commercial space. Various types of air conditioning units are available, including split systems, multi-split systems, and VRF systems, each with different features and benefits.

For instance, split systems are ideal for small commercial spaces, while multi-split systems are suitable for larger spaces with multiple rooms. VRF systems are perfect for large commercial spaces, providing efficient and consistent cooling and heating across a vast area. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners also offer a range of control options, including remote controls, smartphone apps, and central controllers. This allows you to monitor and control your air conditioning system from anywhere, at any time.

Find the right temperature

Every MSZ-LN Mitsubishi air conditioner has cooling capacities of up to 6.1kw with optimum cost performance and energy efficiency. It has a double flat feature that helps direct airflow and a sensor that identifies people’s presence in a room based on body heat. Its i-see sensor monitors the occupants in a room, adjusts to their position and evaluates body temperature to increase or decrease its cooling effect.

Stylish air conditioners

The electric division of Mitsubishi has gone the extra mile in designing its new MSZ-LN line of Mitsubishi electric air conditioners. They aren’t just durable and functional but aesthetically pleasing too. These indoor units come in pearl white, onyx black and ruby red. These are perfect for any office space. They also come with matching room controllers for added style. These were designed using replace technology, and you can utilise your existing pipework to cut costs when installing them in your office.

Environmental Friendliness

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are designed with the environment in mind, using eco-friendly refrigerants and materials. Many of their air conditioning units use R32 refrigerant, which has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than traditional refrigerants.

Exceptional Performance

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are known for their outstanding performance, essential for commercial spaces where a high-quality air conditioning system is necessary. The air conditioning units are designed to provide consistent cooling and heating performance, even in extreme weather conditions.

Usage of natural resources

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners utilise ‘free’ energy from several natural sources, including ground, air and water.

In conclusion, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are an excellent choice for commercial spaces due to their innovative technology, energy efficiency, exceptional performance, customisation, and environmental friendliness.

Should you require a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system for your home or office or are looking for a service for your current Mitsubishi Electric system, Climaterite is happy to assist you. As a leading Commercial & Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning specialist, we have serviced and installed Mitsubishi Electric systems through a variety of applications. Please feel free to call us on 03 9878 4158, send an email or fill in our contact form. We’ll get in touch on the same day to discuss your requirements.

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