Common Air Conditioning Problems

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  • 02 - 11 - 2022
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common ac problems

Common Air Conditioning Problems could be so many but most common air conditioning issue is the unit not providing basic cooling. We have provided some tips to improve the cooling problem your air conditioner may have.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

In Victoria, around sixty-two per cent of households use air conditioning. For over four million Victorian residents, many have similar experiences regarding running and maintaining our air conditioning units. If you are using your unit daily, a few times a month or in the warmer months, there are a few common issues that you may come across. These may include:


  • The unit is not turning on or responding
  • The air felt does not match the temperature setting
  • A sensor disruption
  • The air conditioning unit is freezing
  • The refrigerant is leaking
  • Disproportionate drainage occurring
  • Excessive or abnormal sounds coming from the AC unit

Although inconvenient, many of the issues listed above can be managed and repaired by our licenced professionals. For AC issues big and small, every job is as important as the last. As a client, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. James MacLeod, managing director for Tobin Brothers Funerals, described our service as “second to none”, emphasising that our technicians “don’t treat us like a number”. For any concerns regarding your air conditioner not cooling enough, contact our team today, so we can help you to beat the heat or cold.


Reasons your Air Conditioner is not cooling

Is your air conditioner not cold? A few different factors can cause issues that we see in air conditioning units; some can be managed with simple maintenance, while others may require the assistance of a licenced professional.

For the most common reasons you may be experiencing:

Check the thermostat

check ac thermostat

When there is an issue with the air conditioning not cooling or heating, one of the first places to check is the thermostat. Often this issue may be due to batteries that need replacing or the settings on the thermostat changed between different household members. If there is no change, this may indicate that the issue has tripped the circuit breaker.

Blocked air filters

air conditioner air filter

Is your air conditioner not cooling? Air filters reduce airborne particles like dust from entering the unit and work to keep it clean and work proficiently. However, air filters can become congested with dirt and debris over time.

While assessing and replacing the AC’s air filters, our technicians talk clients through ways to prevent build-up in the filters in the future. One of our many clients, Matthew, relayed similar sentiments about our technicians, writing, “very thorough and explained everything”. We ensure that every interaction is collaborative and informative, aiming to educate customers on preventative maintenance and how we aim to repair presenting issues and stop them from reoccurring.

Check the AC Condenser

ac condenser

An air conditioner not blowing cold air may be due to the AC condenser. The primary purpose of this unit is the collection or discharge of heat. The AC Condenser has a large coil around the exterior, with small aluminium fins, where it is common for debris to become lodged and cause the coil to become blocked. A thorough inspection by an experienced professional can help identify and resolve such issues, ensuring that you can use your unit for a long time. 

Cate, our client, shared that our technicians “checked everything for us” during their assessment of the functioning of the unit, which may also include a simple cleaning of the coil to help restore the functioning of the condenser unit.

It could be a frozen evaporator coil

evaporator coil

A frozen evaporator coil may lead to the air conditioner running but not cooling adequately. This component is responsible for the heat conversion process that results in the production of cool air. However, the evaporator coil may be freezing; indicators for this may include noticeable frost on parts of the unit and disproportionate drainage. Instances such as this require professional assistance, and air conditioning maintenance & repair specialists like Climaterite can ensure that the issue is resolved without further damage to the unit. 

When servicing the AC unit for Michael, our technicians arrived on time, maintained a clean work area, and communicated what was being repaired. Michael rated our service five stars, declaring “outstanding service” and “prompt and responsive” technicians.

The refrigerant is leaking

ac refrigerant

The functioning of an air conditioning unit relies on many components; a pivotal one to the cooling process is refrigerant. This chemical runs through a coil to extract heat from the air inside your home and discharge it outside. A refrigerant leak can lead to your system performing poorly and the air conditioner not blowing cold air but running. A full pressure test is required in this case to find and repair the leak. When working on Farida’s AC unit, our technicians got to work immediately. They demonstrated that we “work very hard” to assess refrigerant levels or make necessary repairs.

Ducts are leaking

leaking ac ducts

Homes that utilise air conditioners may rely on air ducts to help circulate conditioned air throughout your home. These air ducts run throughout the cavities of your home, including spaces that retain heat in warmer months, like ceiling spaces. If there has been any damage to the connection system, this can lead to a leak and the air conditioner not cooling properly.

Locating the cause of a leak, and repairing it, can be time challenging. Our licenced professionals displayed “very effective problem-solving in a tight space” when attending to a call out to the client, Katie.

Damaged heat pump

heat pump air conditioner

Depending on the air conditioning unit in your home, the outside unit may be a heat pump. The heat pump is like a standard external unit with the addition of components that allows for cooling and heating of your home. Heat pumps are subject to dirt and debris, causing blockages, frozen coils, leakage, and malfunctions.

A property manager, Steve, reached out to us to determine which area of the AC units would need repairing and fixing. Our technicians conducted assessments of the components of “a multitude of air con problems”. If you encounter a damaged heat pump in your unit, call Climaterite, and we will get to you immediately. 

Time to call an Air Conditioning Expert

Climaterite has been one of the leading air conditioning specialists in the greater Melbourne area for over 35 years. We offer services to Melbourne, Geelong, and the surrounding areas in both commercial and residential, preventative maintenance, repairs, upgrades, installations, and HVAC condition reports.

Our qualified technicians share a growth mindset, demonstrated by their commitment to further training to provide them with versatile and fully equipped knowledge and skill. Our commitment to our customers is to provide honest service, competitive pricing, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our relationship with our customers and community continues to be a top priority, as highlighted in our video testimony with Tobin Brothers Managing Director James MacLeod. We have a network of return clients, like James, who cite our professionalism, respectful partnership, and personable technicians as reasons they look to Climaterite for all their AC requirements.

Air Conditioning Services Testimonial

If you are a new or existing customer looking for guidance on all Common Air Conditioning Problems, the team is here to help. Call us today for a same-day contact guarantee on 03 9878 4158.

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