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  • 16 - 04 - 2021
  • By Climaterite
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Climaterite prides itself on the efforts we make for our customers and potential customers. No job is too great or too small, and our highly-trained specialist technicians are known for their skills, efficiency and dedication to completing a job well and on time.

Below details the situation we were faced with one of our recent jobs. The client desperately needed assistance for their commercial business, and was at a loss until we came in. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and knowing that we had pleased the client with a positive outcome, having now kept their business going during a very busy and demanding time for them.

Commercial Air Conditioning Dandenong

Climaterite were recently contacted by a large Reception Centre in the Dandenongs, who stated that one of their systems serving the main reception room had failed, and the air conditioning contractor they had initially contacted had inspected and had ultimately advised that the unit was irreparable.

Directing that the whole system will need to be replaced at a major cost with a lengthy ‘down-time’ without air conditioning to their main room, the company was faced with either having to cancel their bookings or having their patrons endure a potentially steamy and otherwise uncomfortable experience.

With a full booking of weddings on the upcoming weekend and trying to recover from the lockdown which had closed the business completely during these COVID times, this situation was a disaster for the client’s business, and placed them in a position they could not afford to endure.

After a call to Climaterite, our Managing Director Grant, then met with the client on a recent afternoon to inspect the issue at hand. Following the inspection of the unit and determining that due to the age of the unit and damage caused by the sudden failure, repair of the unit in its current condition was not an option, especially in the time frame presented. It was decided that the current and very old fan deck would be cut out, and two large single blower assemblies would be fitted instead.

The next day Climaterite’s skilled technicians attended to the cutting out of the old fan deck and modified the system to fit new fans. The system was up and running, and the job was completed in time for the client’s first wedding of the weekend.


beofre commercial air conditioning job



Climaterite are now in the process of upgrading the HVAC systems throughout the Reception Centre.

Climaterite is known for our dedication and efficiency in air conditioning installation and air conditioning servicing in Melbourne and Geelong. We specialize in air conditioning servicing and air conditioning repairs, as well as stock all of the most renowned and highly regarded brands of split system units. For all of your residential and commercial air conditioning and split system needs, contact us today for a competitive quote and unbeatable service.

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