9 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know in 2024

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  • 17 - 03 - 2022
  • By Climaterite
best air conditioning maintenance tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

At Climaterite, our team has assisted clients across residential, commercial, industrial and retail with repair, service, maintenance and installation of their air conditioning units. 35+ years of experience has given us an insight into some simple ways you can use to maintain your air conditioning. Read on as we share nine tips for maintaining your air conditioning for optimal performance.

We can always assist if your air conditioning is not working at its optimum level; our team are qualified to service all types of air conditioning systems.


9 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips 2024

1. Maintain Air Filters

The average air-conditioning unit needs to have its air filters cleaned every couple of months. If you have pets that shed fur, you should be having your air-conditioning unit’s air filters cleaned even more often. If neglected, your home will have not only have poorer quality air, but it will also have less air circulation through the house, due to dust or hair blockages in the air conditioning unit.


2. HVAC Maintenance


A minor issue can quickly turn into a major issue down the line. A qualified technician will be able to analyse, maintain and fix any issues that may be quietly growing in your air conditioning unit. On top of that, they may also assess the airflow, providing you with air conditioning maintenance tips for maintaining cooler or warmer temperatures in your home.


3. Consider Upgrading To A More Efficient Unit

A thorough assessment can help you become aware of any possible upgrade needed. While you might think that you’re saving money by holding onto an old air conditioning, that machine may, in fact, be costing you more to achieve less. Innovations in air conditioning technology aim to reduce energy consumption and noise and maximise the unit’s efficiency. When was the last time you compared your air conditioner with the affordable options available in the market / are you looking to upgrade?


4. Limit Your Unit’s Power Usage With A Thermostat

A thermostat can help keep track of your air conditioner’s temperature and allow you to leverage your unit’s capabilities efficiently and manage its power consumption. You can program your air conditioner to run less intensely when fewer people are at home but automatically boost the cooling when everyone is present.


5. Keep Your Thermostat Away From Other Devices

The last thing you want for your thermostat is to pick up the small bubble of heat around your television, gaming console, toaster or dog’s breath. This can throw your carefully-laid heat management plan under the bus as your thermostat will operate under rules that no longer reflect reality, possibly leaving you with a disappointing room temperature when you arrive.


6. Keep Your Blinds Closed When Using the Air Conditioner

You’ve probably heard that you should close your windows when your air conditioner is turned on. The truth is that there is more you can do to help your air conditioner do its job. You can give your air conditioner maintenance a boost by closing your blinds and curtains. A temporary reduction of the sun’s beams coming through your windows offers less heat resistance to your air conditioner’s efforts.


7. Consider Adding a Dehumidifier

Your air conditioning maintenance can reduce the infection of dry heat inside your home, but humidity is a whole other game. If you live in an area with high humidity, you will feel a gigantic difference in the comfort of your home with an installed dehumidifier.


8. Don’t Let Your Ceiling Fans Go To Waste

Ceiling fans might appear to be a little antiquated next to your air conditioning unit. Still, you’d need them during the hot weather as they complement your air conditioning unit and facilitate airflow throughout the property.


9. Cook Outside

If it’s air conditioner weather, it might just be BBQ weather. Why turn your kitchen into a heat factory when you’re actively trying to lower the heat in your house? And if you want to stay indoors? Try and opt for some low-heat options. You could microwave some food or order takeaway!


If you want a professional assessment for your air conditioning maintenance , explore our services and book a technician today. You can call us on 0398784158 or fill out our contact form online.

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  1. I appreciate the insightful maintenance tips shared in this article, offering valuable guidance for keeping air conditioning systems running efficiently and ensuring comfort in any climate.

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