Pick the Right Air Conditioning Maintenance Team for Servicing

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  • 27 - 09 - 2020
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right air conditioning team for services and repairs

Air Conditioning Maintenance Team

Installing a new air conditioning unit is a great feeling as you will now be able to control the temperature inside your residential or commercial property. Following the installation, like any equipment or device, it needs to be maintained to ensure that it operates effectively well into the future.

While it is uncommon to invest in a maintenance plan for residential air conditioner units, commercial properties usually have an organisation wide maintenance plan that includes servicing and maintenance of the HVAC systems. Notwithstanding, you can engage a air conditioning maintenance provider for standalone and ad-hoc visits depending on your needs and requirements.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Team for Servicing

Pick the right Air conditioning Maintenance team for Servicing

It is important to engage an experienced, licensed and well-trained maintenance and servicing team for air conditioning systems. These units are not capable of DIY maintenance and servicing and require qualified professionals who have the right know-how, skills, tools and equipment. Otherwise, damage can be caused to the units if incorrect techniques are performed. At Climaterite, we have a team of service and maintenance professionals who are familiar with all types of residential & commercial air conditioning units and systems. They have worked on many units and have developed wide experience and can diagnose all issues without much delay or unnecessary costs.

When you engage a service and maintenance team for air conditioner cleaning, you should make an informed decision. Do not rush engaging a service provider and later find out (to your surprise) that they do not have the right experience and skills. This can lead to unnecessary delays, costs and damage to the unit. Remember to call up the company, ask questions, read reviews, talk to family and friends and assess their proposal. If you are uncertain about their approach, make sure that they can explain it to you clearly so that you understand exactly what service you are procuring.

Tips to choose right Air conditioning Maintenance team for Servicing

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right air conditioner maintenance team for your air conditioning system.

1.  Specialist who can understand every AC Brand

You need to engage a servicing and maintenance team who has experience operating with every air-conditioning brand. Otherwise, they might perform incorrect techniques or procedures that could void warranty or damage the unit. Check that they have experience and ask them to provide examples of where they have applied their work. For larger maintenance programs, you will need to engage in further due diligence during the procurement phase and ask more questions to ensure warranty of the unit is not voided.

2.  Certified and Licensed team

The servicing team should be certified and licensed across a wide range of end-to-end air conditioning servicing requirements. You might want to engage technicians who are recommended by or accredited with the air conditioning manufacturer or who are certified in accordance with applicable Australian or international standards. These endorsements or certifications can help prove their commitment to their trade, quality of work and dedication to their servicing and maintenance regime. Did you know? Licensed AC specialists carry an Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) tick number meaning that they are qualified to handle the refrigerants involved with air conditioning units.

3.  Do they provide preventative air conditioner maintenance programs?

The service provider should offer preventative maintenance programs. They can assess the type of AC system that you have and develop a program that is tailored to your requirements. A preventative plan for your air conditioning system will help ensure a long life and reliable system. The plan will include periodic servicing, routine inspections, access to replacement parts and other features depending on the type of program you have purchased. A preventative maintenance program will increase the efficiency and reliability of your system, ultimately leading to a reduction in repair costs, lower electricity bills, and an increase in its lifespan.

4.  Look for local providers

Check that the servicing and maintenance team are local. It is important to choose a company that is close to your office or home so that they are readily accessible. Especially in an emergency, it helps to have the knowledgeable and experienced team close by so that they can attend to the fault immediately which will avoid any consequential damage to the unit. Most providers have many service centres, so check that there is one near you and develop a strong relationship with the service and maintenance technicians.

5.  Companies reliability

Understand the organisation’s reliability, their communication skills and presentation. A professional organisation will listen to your concerns, arrive on time, address your queries, guide you in the right direction and not mislead you with unnecessary services or hidden costs. There are many air conditioning repair, servicing and maintenance teams, so remember to choose a company that aligns to your values and treats you with respect.

We are the commercial and residential air-conditioning maintenance specialists familiar with all types of air-conditioning systems. To book a service or repair at your commercial or residential property, please call us on 03 9878 4158 or email us at service@climaterite.com.au

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