Why Should Air Conditioning Be Installed By A Certified Technician

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  • 18 - 12 - 2020
  • By Climaterite
Commercial Air conditioning installation

Air conditioning installation should be done by certified technician who has the right skills and experience. In addition, the technician needs to hold a refrigerant handling license so that they can correctly install your air conditioning unit with the appropriate materials. This will ensure that your new air conditioning system is installed correctly, and that the manufacturer’s warranty continues to apply to your new unit. You will also receive comfort that your technician is familiar with your new system and will know how to diagnose any issues that occur after installation.


Many people avoid engaging a certified technician because they prefer greater convenience or lower installation cost. Given most air conditioning units last approximately 10 years, it is worthwhile engaging a certified technician so that the system continues to operate effectively throughout its useful life. Taking a shortcut might save you money in the short-term, but can lead to unnecessary headache in the long-term when things go wrong or because the system was incorrectly installed or positioned at a sub-optimal location.


To help you make the right decision for your home or office, here are 5 reasons why your next air conditioner installers should be a certified technician.


Follow manufacturer instructions

Certified technicians will follow manufacturer instructions because they have experience in the trade. Avoid engaging a handyman or a generalist tradesperson who does not have the request skills to install air conditioning units in accordance with manufacturer requirements. A knowledgeable technician will know all leading brands and be able to diagnose any issues without much delay or fuss.

Use refrigerant correctly

Certified technicians must hold a license to handle refrigerant. ARC-licensed technicians and authorised businesses must operate to mandated standards to ensure the materials used do not cause harm to the environment, persons or the system. If refrigerant leaks from the system, this will compromise the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit and the system will need to work harder because less refrigerant is being fed through the unit.

Lower long-term costs

A correctly installed air conditioning system will lower long-term costs. You will avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs because the installation was below the required standard, if you engage a certified technician who knows the correct procedures. In addition, if the air conditioning system is installed in the wrong location, it will not operate effectively and will cost more to run to the level expected.

Warranty unaffected

The warranty will continue to apply if the installer is registered and complies with manufacturer instructions. Many manufacturers will automatically void the warranty if installation occurs incorrectly or damage to the unit is caused due to installation. Avoid the hassle and engage someone who knows the trade.

Scheduled maintenance plan

A certified technician will offer you a scheduled maintenance plan at a cost so that you can take comfort knowing that your new air conditioning unit is in good hands. Like any electronic item, regular servicing and maintenance is important to ensure that the equipment’s performance is not compromised.

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