Air Conditioning and your Health

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  • 27 - 04 - 2023
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Air Conditioning and Your Health

Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

A staple of many Australian homes is the air conditioner. Cooling systems are installed in most public buildings, offices and houses, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Our warm climate often requires us to use air conditioning systems to reduce interior temperatures and provide comfort. Many brand owners communicate the economic and practical benefits of air conditioners, but how they benefit our and our family’s health is often not discussed.

Our team at Climaterite has delivered air conditioning systems across Melbourne for over thirty-five years and has seen first-hand the many ways they have improved the lives of our clients. Here are a few health benefits you can expect when choosing to include an air conditioning system in your home or office.

Improved Air Quality

Individuals with a predisposition to asthma or allergies often find reprieve from their symptoms as the air circulation and filtration system removes airborne particulates that irritate them. The recirculation of filtered air, as opposed to open windows, allows the air within the home to maintain a greater level of purification. Air conditioning components should be cleaned regularly and replaced to maintain this level.

Improved Sleep

As Dr Huberman, a professor and neuroscientists at Stanford University School of Medicine, explains, a cool environment promotes sleep. As we sleep, we move through periods of movement and non-movement. The movement stage of sleep allows us to lower our temperature by removing our hands or feet from under the blanket. Regulating body temperature otherwise can be more difficult, leading to interrupted and poor-quality sleep. Turning your air conditioner on during warm nights can help reduce the likelihood of a rise in body temperature and ensure sound sleep quality.

Improved Productivity

Many Australians can understand the difficulties of getting through their workload on a hot summer day and the challenge of remaining alert and focused during these conditions. It is common for heat to make us feel lethargic and unmotivated. Air conditioners work to help you maintain your productivity and feel comfortable in the office during the year’s warmer months.

Reduced Risk of Dehydration and Heat Stroke

When your body is exposed to heat for an extended period, you sweat to maintain a healthy body temperature, resulting in water loss. If the water level is not replenished, you will feel dehydrated. Furthermore, exposure to excessive heat can make it difficult for a human body to maintain a healthy internal temperature, increasing the risk of heat stroke and other serious consequences. By providing a means of cooling the home and regulating the body, air conditioners can help prevent dehydration and related issues.

air conditioner health benefits

Including an air conditioning system in your home or workplace will help you beat the heat and enjoy a range of health benefits. These benefits you can reap by filtering and circulating the air of your indoor environment through an air conditioning system are sufficient and growing as the research grows. For a quote on air conditioning for your Melbourne home or office, please get in touch with Climaterite. We are renowned for delivering high-quality products and premium service, making us the best in the business. Contact our team today.

FAQs: – Air Conditioning Benefits

Is air conditioning good for your health?

Research has demonstrated that air conditioners have a wide range of health benefits. It contributes to improved air quality, sleep quality, and productivity and reduces the risk of dehydration, heat stroke, and more.

Can air conditioning give you a cold?

No, your air conditioner cannot give you a cold, but it can hasten the spread of viruses that cause cold. Viruses multiply in cold conditions and pose a risk in a closed environment with people sharing the same space.

Can air conditioners cause trouble falling asleep?

In most cases, air conditioners are found to enhance sleep quality rather than interfere with sleep patterns. Modern systems have a reduced noise level and can maintain a steady temperature to facilitate a healthy body temperature.

Is it true that air conditioners spread viruses and diseases?

Evidence suggests that the opposite is true; air conditioners may prevent the spread of disease and viruses. A well-maintained system can maintain clean air quality by preventing allergens and other particles from circulating.

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  1. This informative article highlights the compelling health benefits of air conditioning, emphasizing how it improves air quality, sleep, productivity, and reduces the risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses, making it a must-have for Australian homes and offices.

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