Air Conditioning Geelong

Air Conditioning Geelong

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Services and Repairs Geelong

Geelong is situated to the west of Port Philip Bay in Victoria, approximately 72 kilometres south-west of Melbourne’s CBD. Home to a large community, Geelong is a port city located on Corio Bay and the Barwon River. Being the second largest city in Victoria behind Melbourne, Geelong was known for being the manufacturing centre of Victoria during the early decades of the 20th century.

By 1960, the local population in Geelong grew rapidly because families moved to the area to commence a new life along the bay while employment opportunities were in abundance. Despite recent unfortunate events in the manufacturing industry, Geelong continues to be a destination favoured by many.

Like any city or suburb in Victoria, the climate does vary. The annual temperature averages between 10oC and 20oC. During the summer months, the temperature can peak in the 30oC region. Average rainfall is comparatively lower when assessed against other major cities in Australia.

Overall, Geelong can be a dry city with low average humidity levels. Given this climate, residents of Geelong enjoy properties equipped with reliable and functioning air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning Needs in Geelong

Geelong is a thriving satellite district that is home to many families and businesses. Given its large and growing community, there is a strong demand for reliable air conditioning equipment across both residential and commercial properties. A mix of small and large properties make up the neighbourhood in Geelong with apartments, units, town houses, single dwellings and commercial facilities in abundance. Geelong is also a tourist destination with hotels, attractions and amenities inviting many people throughout the year to explore the coastal city.

Geelong experiences a broad spectrum of weather events, so many people rely on a reliable and effective air conditioning system during the hotter months. Young families, students, couples and retirees make up the community fabric in Geelong, so there is a consistent expectation by all for air conditioning.

The ratio of owner occupied properties to investment properties is approximately half, and property prices in Geelong have continued to increase given many people are drawn to the satellite neighbourhood that is less busy than Melbourne and has everything that the locals need.

Why Choose US?


All technicians and air conditioning specialists at Climaterite are police-checked for your peace of mind. We only engage staff who have successfully proven that they are law abiding individuals. This provides you with the comfort that our staff will perform the services in a reliable, comprehensive and complete manner. Whether you choose to supervise or not, we will ensure that our staff take care of your property and possessions while on site.

Fully Licensed & Accredited

Our staff are fully licensed and accredited. Climaterite is Arc Tick Certified and we are licensed to handle refrigerant in accordance with safe and established procedures. In addition, our staff comply with health and safety guidelines and our business is fully insured. This means that our services meet the standards our clients expect when we are on site performing our activities.


It is important that you are served by a technician who is local and understands air conditioning systems. Our technicians are located across Victoria so that we can engage the most appropriate specialist for your needs. Based on the scope of services required, we will deploy a local technician who is familiar with the neighbourhood and experienced in dealing with all types of air conditioning units. Your air conditioning system will be operating effectively in no time!


We understand that you may prefer to have the services you require completed on the same day. That is why we offer various service options that you can choose from depending on your needs and requirements. We offer same day contact if you require urgent assistance with your air conditioning equipment. To learn more about our same day service, please contact us to assess your options. Fees and timing will vary depending on your location and the scope of services.

No Sub Contractors

We do not engage subcontractors. This allows us to maintain control over the quality of our specialists’ work. Our trained and accredited technicians follow strict quality control procedures. This protocol enables our staff to apply their trade consistently to the highest quality expected by our customers. All our specialists are carefully handpicked by our team so that our services continue to be the best in the market.

Our Air conditioning Services in Geelong

Commercial air conditioning

Our commercial air conditioning services help businesses, organisations and commercial enterprises stay cool while at work. It is important that workers’ health and safety is maintained by having a functioning, effective and reliable air conditioning system that appropriately and adequately cools the work area throughout the day. Regulating workplace temperature is important to maintaining worker productivity and ensuring that they can perform well throughout the day without fatigue.

Residential air conditioning

Your home should be equipped with a reliable air conditioning system that is zoned for use across every room in the property. Residential properties can choose from ducted systems, standalone split systems, evaporative systems and others. With a ducted system, a central unit powers the air conditioning unit and provides chilled air to the rooms that have ducts. Rooms can be zoned so that you can turn off ducts when you don’t need them. With a split system, each room can have its own unit so that not all rooms need to be cooled when only one room is in use.

Air conditioning repairs and servicing

We offer complete and comprehensive repairs and servicing. Our technicians are trained to diagnose various air conditioning issues across all brands and AC unit types. No matter how simple or complicated your issue might be, we will assess the situation, diagnose the cause of the issue, recommend options to repair and seek your confirmation before proceeding. We will also recommend approaching the manufacturer if we believe the fault may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Preventative maintenance

It is important to perform regular servicing of your air conditioning system so that preventative maintenance can take place over time. This will help to increase the life span of the AC unit and avoid the system developing issues that could have been avoided. Our service packages enable us to identify common issues so that we can make the necessary repairs or fixes ahead of time. We will also advise you if there is a fault with the unit that the manufacturer should review and remedy.

Upgrades and installation

Whether you are planning to install an AC unit for the first time, or would like to upgrade your existing AC unit to a newer or more powerful model, we can advise on the most appropriate system for your needs and requirements. We can assess your property, recommend AC unit systems, suggest any minor modifications to the property to improve AC performance and provide a comprehensive installation service.

HVAC condition reports

We can prepare HVAC condition report assisting with HVAC reviews, maintenance plans, issues and other requirements. Our technicians are qualified and experienced to assess the performance and effectiveness of HVAC systems and to diagnose problems with the units. These condition reports can support preventative maintenance plans and servicing regimes for your HVAC unit, or facilitate the review of an insurance or legal claim. Our condition reports are prepared independently for your peace of mind.