Air Conditioning Frankston

Air Conditioning Frankston

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Frankston

Situated 41 kilometres south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Frankston is a suburb sprawling along the eastern coastline of Port Philip Bay. Frankston is known as the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula and is a popular seaside destination for over the past century. Frankston Beach is a common destination for Melbournians during a hot summer’s day and it continues to be well-regarded as a clean and safe beach. Historically a fishing village, members of the Frankston neighbourhood enjoy being close to the sea.

On average the temperature in Frankston is comparatively lower than other suburbs and averages between 10oC and 22oC. Given its proximity to the bay, Frankston does experience cooler temperatures. However, the suburb does receive its fair share of hot weather. Given the density of individuals living in Frankston, there continues to be a strong demand for reliable and effective air conditioning units in homes and commercial properties.

Air Conditioning Needs in Frankston

Frankston has a strong, vibrant and self-sufficient economy. Given its location away from Melbourne’s CBD, there is an even mix of residential and commercial properties. While many people drive to the area for work, most live in the area because they work in nearby regions. Frankston has tertiary education facilities, an abundance of primary and secondary schools, great shopping facilities, well-maintained parkland and seaside amenities and all the necessary services.

Frankston is home to a neighbourhood of singles, families, couples, students and retirees. With a mix of owner-occupied properties and investment properties, Frankston has a very large community which is almost double the size of the average suburb in Melbourne. The needs of the community in Frankston for air conditioning systems is high and almost every property including older developments have functioning units.

Common air conditioning systems installed in Frankston properties include ducted systems, split systems and evaporative cooling. With many new developments appearing in Frankston, popular choices continue to be ducted systems and split systems.

Why Choose US?


We know that it is important that the technician servicing your air conditioning unit has been police checked. All staff at Climaterite undergo police checks during onboarding and on a regular basis throughout their employment. This provides peace of mind to you that our staff are law abiding individuals who will service your system without you having to supervise their work.

Fully Licensed & Accredited

It is important to us that we are fully licensed and accredited. We are air conditioning installation, repairs, upgrades and maintenance specialists who engage respected, qualified and experienced technicians. Climaterite is Arc Tick Certified and we are licenced to handle refrigerant in accordance with safe and established procedures. In addition, our staff comply with health and safety laws to ensure the services on site do not damage property or harm individuals.


When you request services from Climaterite, we deploy local technicians. Our technicians are familiar with the area, the local climate and the needs of the residents and business owners in the community. Our team of locally based specialists help us to serve your requests in a timely manner and facilitate repairs without any major delays. We can also provide assistance in an emergency or other urgent basis.


For those requiring emergency or urgent support, please contact us to discuss your options. We will assess your circumstances and deploy a suitable technician to provide the necessary services. If we require parts, we will do our best to source them in a timely manner. Please note that fees may vary for same day support depending on the scope of services, property location and length of advance notice provided.

No Sub Contractors

Our technicians are employed by Climaterite. We do not engage contractors so that our services are provided in a consistent and reliable manner. We understand that you want to receive professional support from a team that is knowledgeable and experienced. We carefully hand pick and vet our technicians so that we continue to offer the best available services in the market.

Our Air conditioning Services in Frankston

Commercial air conditioning

We are commercial air conditioning specialists that have experience in installing, upgrading, maintaining and servicing all types of AC systems across all leading brands. Our technicians are equipped with the know-how and tools to conduct installations and repairs in accordance with manufacturer specifications. We can prepare comprehensive maintenance programs so that you have peace of mind that your AC systems will continue to operate into the future without fail.

Residential air conditioning

Our residential air conditions services apply across houses, townhouses, units, flats and apartments. We have installed, repaired and upgraded AC units in single level dwellings and multi level complexes and are familiar with best practice installation and maintenance procedures. Our services are comprehensive and if any issues are experienced regarding our work, we will not hesitate to come out on site, inspect the issues and remedy the problem (as required).

Air conditioning repairs and servicing

We conduct complete air conditioning servicing and repairs. Whether you require same day support or scheduled support, we can attend on site as required. We only use genuine parts and our servicing complies with applicable standards and guidelines. We ensure that our work does not compromise the reliability of the system and will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Preventative maintenance

Caring for AC systems is important. We believe that preventative maintenance can help to minimise the chance of faults developing in your air conditioning unit. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are developed following a consultation with you and an inspection of your property and AC infrastructure. We can tailor the program to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Upgrades and installation

We perform extensive upgrades and installation for both commercial and residential property owners. Whether you have a brand or AC unit type in mind, or would like us to make a recommendation, we can support you to effectively install or upgrade the system in compliance with manufacturer instructions.

HVAC condition reports

We can prepare a comprehensive HVAC report that assesses the condition, performance and life of the AC units. Our reports can cover single units or multiple units depending on your AC system infrastructure. You can use our report for internal business purposes or to submit to a third party. If you require any advice, recommendations or opinions, we can also prepare these reports tailored to your requirements.

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