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Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems. Headquartered in Osaka, Daikin originated in Japan and its products have been developed through extensive R&D. As the perennial innovator of split air conditioning systems, Daikin mastered the art and technology to product fine quality air conditioning units that operate effectively as expected.

In addition, Daikin pioneered and co-developed R-410A refrigerant with another leading HVAC specialist manufacturer, Carrier.

Given Daikin’s history, it is no surprise that it continues to maintain strong appreciation by consumers in the air conditioning market. Daikin’s technology continues to be used by many other manufacturers and consumers trust that Daikin was the first organisation to mass produce these systems worldwide. Consequently, everyone assimilates Daikin with premium air conditioning systems that have been developed to operate for a lifetime.

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Daikin is one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes and businesses across Australia.

Climaterite have serviced and installed Daikin systems through a variety of applications.

Mid-Range affordable brand

Invest in affordable and reliable air conditioning units. Daikin is a popular and well-known name and they offer various types of air conditioning systems to residential and commercial property owners. With durability, reliability and energy efficiency in mind, Daikin has developed a strong fleet of units that continue to be in high demand. The air conditioners are easy to use, simple to clean and require a quick and low-cost annual service. With parts readily available, owners do not have to worry if something goes wrong.

Like any manufacturer that focuses on quality of operation, Daikin’s machines do lack the fancy technology features that other manufactures continue to embrace and implement in their models. Notwithstanding, for those who prefer functionality over technological frills, Daikin has mastered the art of effectively cooling air without the expensive upfront and ongoing price tag. This has positioned Daikin as a popular choice and its great warranty service encourages individuals, couples and families alike to install its products.

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Daikin Air Conditioner Varieties suitable to your budget

SN Series (Low Tier)

The SN Series of Daikin air conditioners is the basic version. The budget-friendly models will cool your room or area with quiet operation and the units are highly energy efficient. However, this series does not have advanced technology features and will not allow you to program settings, diagnose issues or engage with smart devices.

SA Series (Mid-Range)

The mid-tier SA Series features technological advancements when compared to the SN Series. With better warranty terms, you will find that these models have been designed to withstand greater usage. The units feature advanced diagnostic tools to help support preventative maintenance and to alert you to problems in advance of them occurring. You will be able to enjoy an optimally working air conditioning unit with the SA Series.

VC & TC Series (Premium Quality)

The top-end VC and TC Series air conditioning units offer the best features available in the market. Daikin released this series of units to provide property owners with an option to acquire all the frills. These models come with better warranty terms, an even quitter operation, advanced temperature control settings to maximise comfort, and smart device connectivity. With all the foreseeable functions available in this series, you will be spoiled for choice.

Reasons to buy Daikin Air conditioning

Availability of parts

If you need spare parts for your air conditioning unit, remember to engage a licensed technician who is familiar with Daikin models. Otherwise, the process of replacing the part may compromise the warranty. All parts for Daikin air conditioners are readily available and it is important that you only use genuine parts. Even after the warranty for your unit has expired, parts can still be sourced at affordable prices.

Low maintenance Cost

Daikin air conditioning units have low maintenance costs. Provided you have cleaned the filters regularly and have engaged a licensed refrigerant specialist to service the unit on an annual basis, you should not experience high maintenance costs. While the units do have a finite life, they will last a long time without major servicing expenditure. If you do need spare parts, they are readily available and should be installed by a qualified technician.

Energy efficient

A Daikin air conditioner consumes less energy to help you maintain a low electricity bill. The design of the system ensures that air is cooled in an effective manner, and the newer models feature the latest technology so that they are energy efficient. You can also help your air conditioning unit consume less energy by ensuring it is positioned correctly, the filters are cleaned and the machine has been serviced to minimise the occurrence of any faults or inefficiencies.

Should you require a Daikin air conditioning system for your home or office or are looking for a service of your current Daikin system, we would be only too happy to assist.

Please feel free to give us a call on 03 9878 4158, send an email or fill in our contact form if you are looking for Daikin Air conditioning Service in Melbourne and Geelong. We will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Daikin Air Conditioning FAQS

How long should a Daikin air conditioner last?

If your treat your air conditioner with care, clean the filters regularly and have it serviced on an annual basis, it should last a long time. The exact life of a Daikin air conditioner cannot be determined because the life of the unit is dependent on how it has been used.

Do Daikin air conditioners need servicing?

To ensure that your air conditioner operates effectively during summer, engage a licensed technician to conduct a comprehensive service. A licensed refrigeration specialist will check the entire unit to ensure all parts are working correctly.

How often should I service my Daikin air conditioner?

It is important to service your Daikin air conditioner on a regular basis. You should clean your filters every two weeks at a minimum. A full service by a licensed technician should occur every year before summer.


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