Air Conditioning Burwood

Air Conditioning Burwood

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Services and Repairs Burwood

Located 14 kilometres south east of Melbourne’s CBD, Burwood is a centrally located suburb with a thriving community. Known for attracting tertiary level students due to the presence of Deakin University’s main campus, most properties in Burwood are held for investment purposes. In addition to the university, there is an abundance of primary and secondary schools, shops, parkland and amenities. These features attract couples, young families and retirees alike.

Located in the City of Monash, Burwood was historically an uninhabited area due to limited access by transportation. When the tram line was extended along Toorak Road and Burwood Highway in 1912, developments increased, and this encouraged people to purchase property along Burwood Highway and the surrounding streets. A notable feature in Burwood is the historic Burwood Skyline that operated as a drive-in cinema. It was an Australian first in 1954. Although no longer in operation, the area still has the iconic gateway that provided the entrance to many movie-goers.

Air Conditioning Needs in Burwood

The climate in Burwood varies like many other suburbs in Victoria. Air conditioning systems are required during the summer and warmer months to stay cool. With the mix of residential and commercial properties, and an increase in apartment developments, most properties have functioning air conditioning units. For the properties that are coming of age, upgraded systems are a better option than staying with the old.

Why Choose US for Air Conditioning Services in Burwood?


Our technicians undergo a police check prior to induction and regularly throughout the period of their employment. We hand pick our technicians and perform rigorous checks to ensure that they are law abiding individuals. We understand that you trust Climaterite when technicians service your AC system in your property. You will take comfort knowing that your property and possessions are in safe hands.

Fully Licensed & Accredited

We are proud to be a fully licensed and accredited air conditioning specialist. Our installations, repairs and upgrades all occur in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines. Climaterite is Arc Tick Certified and we are licenced to handle refrigerant in accordance with safe and established procedures. In addition, our staff comply with health and safety laws to ensure the services on site do not damage property or harm individuals.


Being serviced by a local technician is important for our clients. We hire locally sourced technicians who are familiar with the neighbourhood, climate in the area and the types of AC units installed in both residential and commercial premises. Our technicians are familiar with local industry standards and procedures so that you receive a comprehensive and robust service from Climaterite.


We know it is important to you if you require same day contact. Whether you have any air conditioning emergency or need urgent help, our technicians can be deployed on the same day. We will do our best to resolve the issue on the same day, however this may not be possible if parts need to be ordered. The fee for this type of service will vary depending on the scope of work, type of service, and length of notice provided.

No Sub Contractors

We do not engage sub contractors. A technician from Climaterite is employed by Climaterite so that you receive a service that is consistent with our values, procedures and standards. We provide peace of mind to our clients that we back the services provided by our specialists and know that our staff have extensive training and experience to deliver all round quality services in a timely manner.
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Our Air conditioning Services in Burwood

Commercial air conditioning

We install, upgrade, maintain and service commercial air conditioning units. Our services cover all types of HVAC units and we have experience performing installation and repairs in various types of facilities. If you require a commercial maintenance program for your AC units, we can develop a regime that will keep your air conditioning systems operating effectively throughout the future for the benefit of your commercial enterprise.

Residential air conditioning

Residential properties should have functioning air conditioning units to stay cool during summer and the warmer months. We can install new units in existing properties, assist with the fit out of a new build and upgrade residential air conditioning units. If you are after a particular brand or type, or would like us to make a recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you in the right direction.

Air conditioning repairs and servicing

We can perform all types of air conditioning repairs and servicing on commercial and residential property air conditioning systems. Our technicians are familiar with all brands and air conditioning unit types. We may be able to resolve the issue on the day or need to attend a follow up visit to install parts or to conduct a more comprehensive or time-consuming repair or service.

Preventative maintenance

It is important to engage in preventative maintenance so that your air conditioning system lasts a long time. Otherwise, small issues can escalate into larger problems that cause more to fix and repair in the long-term. Depending on the type of system installed at your premises, we can develop a robust plan that will help ensure that problems do not develop or persist in your air conditioning system.

Upgrades and installation

When you require air conditioning upgrades and installation, we provide comprehensive and complete services for both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to conduct installations and upgrades to satisfy your requirements. Whether you want a split system, evaporative cooler or a ducted cooling system, we can install all these types and more.

HVAC condition reports

We can prepare an independent, expert and comprehensive HVAC condition report tailored to your requirements. Whether you require this report for internal business purposes, or to submit to a third party, our reports can be used to prove the condition of the HVAC system. We can conduct a report on a single unit, or a network of units, and we can provide recommendations regarding upgrades, maintenance and repairs.